About Monoblock Wheels

Here at Monoblock, we strive to provide die-cast enthusiasts with the best aftermarket products. While the designs are inspired by your favorite automotive trends, we make sure to build our products with 100% functionality.


Each of the design in our wheel collection is engineered & measured digitally to ensure structural integrity, then produced & colored with industrial precisions, in order to maintain the upmost quality control.


The tires that we equip with our wheels are made in rubber compounds with realistic finish & texture; and the universal wheel axles that are included within every set of wheels, are also meticulously forged into the dimension, which are strong enough when under stress but soft enough to be cut & installed.


Monoblock Wheels have been tested to fit a wide variety of die cast make/model, including but not limited to: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica, Greenlight, M2, Auto World, Welly, Motormax, etc.


Our passion in this hobby drives us to build and create better products, as we continue to support this community that inspired us in the first place.